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The Kipper- KPR-8.5-HH - Has proven to be the finisher of choice when it comes to finishing Concrete Countertops; Countertop Overlays; Vertical Applications; Precast-Priestess Applications or anyplace a steel hand trowel finish is required. Designed to fit industry standard 5/8" -11 variable speed controlled polishers.
The Kipper- KPR-8.5-REP - Spring Steel Replacement Blades - Are unique in both design and finishing characteristics. If it's a mottled, burnished decorative look with a "smooth as glass" finish that you are after Kipper Crete's Spring Steel Replacement blades will give you what you're looking for.
The Kipper- KPR-11.5-FL - Is our floor model, coming in at only 14 Lbs. (Includes: Drill; Battery; Extension and Finishing Head) with its (5) self adjusting finishing blades allow the user to continue finishing without having to stop and make any adjustments. Accompanied with its unique design and lightweight The Kipper Finisher is capable of finishing closer to edges; around pipes or those smaller hard to get to places that no other power operated trowel can. Designed to be operated with industry standard 5/8"-11 variable speed controlled polishers or 1/2" variable speed controlled drills.
The Kipper- KPR-11.5-REP- Spring Steel Replacement Blades - With their unique one piece flexible design allowing the user to continue finishing without any need for stopping and making any adjustments.


Coming Soon

The Kipper 20.0 Mini Power Trowel

  • Ideal for spreading, compressing and densifying both grout and epoxy prior to honing and polishing of concrete floors.


Please note the Warnings and Cautions below:
Keep out of the reach of children. -- Replacement blades become sharp after use. -- Keep long hair clear of all moving parts.
Keep all manual hand tools clear of rotating finishing head. -- Steel toed boots with metatarsal recommended.
No loose clothing. -- Keep a clean work area. -- Safety glasses recommended. -- Keep all electrical cords clear of machine.


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