• Edges on Slabs
  • Around Pipes
  • Tilt up Knockouts
  • Precast-Prestress Applications
  • Post Tension Expansion
  • Patch Jobs
  • Overlays





The Only Light Weight Battery Operated Finishing Trowel on the Market!


The Kipper- KPR-11.5-FLB


This 11.5" Battery Operated finishing trowel allows finishers to float and finish around pipes; edges on slabs and anyplace a float or steel trowel finish is required, without having to bend over or finish from knee boards! It's lightweight totaling only 14Lbs. (includes: extension, drill, battery and finishing head) allows the user to determine the right amount of pressure to apply when needed. Its self adjusting replaceable blades finish up to 2000Sq. Ft. Equipped with a powerful V-28 lithium-Ion Battery with a quick recharge time helping to keep you- upright and finishing!


-- Reduce Labor Costs -- Reduce Fatigue -- Increase Work Performance -- Increase Profits -- Finishes on the Spot -- Saves on your BACK and KNEES -- Reduce Call Backs!



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